Can Niceness Change the World?

Like seemingly everyone I know, I watched Ted Lasso last year. It’s an Apple TV series about an American football coach being appointed as a manager in real football—or soccer, as it’s also called.

But this isn’t a typical sports show. I’ve seen the premise of Ted described as simply “what if a…

Can I Be Happy with my Mediocre Life?

Hello! I’m of average height. My clothing is generally unremarkable. My ability to carry objects is middling.

… yeah, I realize this is an unusual way to greet you. I do that sometimes. So I suppose not everything about me is average.

But, statistically speaking, I have to admit that I am…

What an Artificial Intelligence Taught Me about Perfectionism

Every now and then I get sick of the fact that all my goals are massive, overwhelming and scary. It’d be nice to just achieve something, for once. So I had an idea for a small, mini-project to help me recharge, and I thought it’d be fun to share the whole journey with you….