Wow, This One Guy Totally Explained Anxiety Using Custard!

TEDxLeamington Spa 2015 Event Photos
TEDxLeamington Spa 2015 Event Photos

You may remember that aaaaages ago I gave a TEDx talk about anxiety and custard.

Since then I’ve been asked “when is your TED video up?” approximately… a lot of times.

Finally, I can answer that question. (Although you’ve probably guessed.)

It’s up now.

It contains me. Silly doodles. Stupid jokes. Honesty. Ideas about being less anxious. A malfunctioning slide clicker. And custard.

Watch it! (If you want.)

Hope you like it!

Some Feedback

There are words in it!Anonymous

I have finally arranged to do something properly about my anxiety issues. Your Ted Talk was very much the start of the process… thank you.Louise

I like the stage layout, that background is really lovely.Someone, probably

3 thoughts on “Wow, This One Guy Totally Explained Anxiety Using Custard!

  1. Fantastic and well done! Glad you’re out there helping others and turning it all to something good! You’re a good speaker, and love the humour added to a difficult and personal subject.

  2. It really is a great TED Talk. You did yourself and the anxiety community proud with this one. How somebody can have anxiety and get up and speak so eloquently is beyond me. I don’t even want to answer my phone. Great job! xoxo

  3. I’ve enjoyed your TED-talk, I recognised the feeling of custard under my feet. I’m always treading a conveyor belt in a lunapark when anxious. By going up and down, to and fro, I’m trying to distract myself keeping balance. Feeling guilty towards no one in particular when I can’t live up to peoples’ expectations. Anyway, thanks very much!

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