What Am I Doing?!

I rarely talk about my actual life on this site. So today, an update.

In short, it’s fine.

But, in long, there are two big projects to update you on:

Another Book – And This One’s a Novel

I wrote another book!

This one is an adventure set in the pre-life (a world like the afterlife, but before we’re born), all about the magical shop where humans choose what kind of person to be when they get born down on Earth.

Readers of Walking on Custard will recognise The Shop Before Life from the very brief short story… but it turns out there’s a whole world around the Shop to explore, full of mysteries to discover, and questions about life & death, and who we are, and who we become.

So far, the feedback has been absolutely lovely.

(If I may permit some mild showing off, one early reader said “I want to make fan art of it. it’s in my heart now.” – how gorgeous is that?!)

Im very excited for you all to read it, so stay tuned for more soon!

I’m Also Still Speaking

Of course, I literally speak with my mouth pretty much every day, but what I mean is that I’m still giving talks at interesting places.

For a while I’ve been meaning to share some pictures from a fun talk I gave at the EBRD HQ in London. It was a great day, with a delightful audience and some fantastic conversation around anxiety and managing our emotions.

As usual, every photo had me pulling a silly face, unnatural gesture, or often, both:


And I’ve really enjoyed giving talks in schools, too – with many more to come in 2018.

If you would like someone to speak with humour about anxiety, mental health and happiness at your school, business, university, conference, etc, then please get in touch!

That’s The Main Bits

I am also toying with whatever the next big project will be now that The Shop Before Life is approaching the final stages.

But that will have to wait for another day.

Whatever you’re up to, do feel free to say hello – and I hope your life is going well too 🙂

One thought on “What Am I Doing?!

  1. Hi Neil,

    Having anxiety, GAD it seems has had me searching the internet desperately to find relief, some of it comes with just watching the videos and listening to people like yourself. I live in Spain and to be honest, life here is a bit disjointed and in fact less integrated than you might otherwise imagine. At least that is what I see and feel. My circumstances are that I have separated initially very reluctantly, from my wife and we have one son who we share custody (not custard) with. Last year I went through anxiety like I had never experienced it before and failed to sleep for almost two months. This year I am dealing with it better but I am still struggling and not enjoying it one bit except I suppose for the fact that I feel I am more insightful than I was previously and maybe a better person. As I am not in regular employment I feel more anxious in trying to meet the bills each month so I suffer from those real worries as well as the ones that are purely in my head. I take Xanax .5mg now twice a day as I have given up trying to ride out the attacks. It, of course, gives me relief and makes me feel human again but this whole thing is exhausting and I have flitted with the idea of just not being here. I enjoyed your talk, the idea of anxiety traps being made of custard and I like your new idea about The Shop before Life…I wonder is it brave souls that jump on the, yeah I’ll have anxiety thanks or others that gleefully choose cancer or whatever other hardships life can throw our way as a short experience (in their eyes) – I wonder? Thanks again for your talk – it was really interesting – cheers, Philip

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