My Life Is Not Worth Living

Minds May Say… When things go wrong, my life is not worth living… If I don’t get a degree, my life is not worth living. If I don’t have a partner, my life is not worth living. If I fail at work, my life is not worth living. If I spend an evening alone while […]

Lies, Damn Lies, and Oh God Why All The Lies: Part One

One night at university, my friends and I came up with a game. Each of us would tell one lie, and whoever convinced the most people to believe it would win.
I forget what lie everybody else told. But mine went on to become legendary. It was this…

The Little Virus Who Fell In Love

There once was a virus who fell in love with its host. It drifted around in their bloodstream, dreamily content with its lot in life. Every moment was a joy. It was physically joined with its true love, and it had never wanted anything more. One day, after a spate of joyous multiplying, the virus […]