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A happy human enjoys their fine purchase of an excellent and helpful comedy book about anxiety
A happy human enjoys their fine purchase of an excellent and helpful comedy book about anxiety

Like all good comedy anxiety books, Walking on Custard & the Meaning of Life is available in paperback and Kindle editions.

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What Others Have Said:

Hughes offers a humor-filled and useful guide for anxiety… disarmingly relatable.Publishers Weekly

Neil has a pleasing use of commas.Anonymous

This idea that could have easily gone so badly, has turned out wonderfully. It is a thrilling mixture of stories, experiences, lessons, and well, custard.Books & Bee

5 stars. A must read for anyone suffering from anxiety, minor or major it doesn’t matter… it’s helpful, funny, and insightful. Tragically Dull Adventures of an Almost Librarian

To merely call it a self-help book would be a complete disservice to the author. Part biography, part guide, and part Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales of the Strange… if only I had read this growing up then I might not have felt so alone.Claire Eastham

Great book, would recommend to anyone… which brings me onto my only criticism: The title. This book is definitely not only for anxious humans.

I wouldn’t consider myself a sufferer of anxiety, and have enjoyed it immensely and found it really helpful.

“Sambi”, Amazon reviewer

I snorted on the train. In the middle of rush hour. People looked at me. I was reading your book. You’re an idiot.Amy Burke

Hughes’ down to earth, sometimes silly, humour and self-deprecation make him an ideal guide…It’s clearly a book that has a lot to offer anxious humans everywhere. It’s inspiring without being over-ambitious; challenging without being preachy; insightful without making you cringe (too much!); and funny without being dismissive…

It achieves what many self-help books lack: warmth, humour, and relatability, but without compromising on wisdom, insight, and practical, useful advice.

Sarah Graham

I really, really enjoyed it. I recognised myself a lot and beyond finding it a charming and funny read, I also found it a helpful one.

It is a brave book and a noble one because, really, what better thing can a person do with their own suffering than to use it to try and help others.

It’s on my read-this-again shelf.

Nathan Filer, author of ‘The Shock of the Fall’


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