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Mental Health week, DCU by Marie. L., on Flickr

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I’m doing something scary.

(Technically, living with anxiety makes lots of things scary, I guess. BUT this is actually terrifying.)

This new project makes me feel very vulnerable and exposed, and it activates my Inner Critic like you wouldn’t believe. But hopefully it’ll help many others to be less anxious, so facing my fears will be worth it.

Here’s the plan:

I want to offer comedy mental health events for free (to places that can’t afford them), and to create much more online resources and videos which combine comedy & anxiety—like the book and TED talk already do.

So I’m launching a crowdfunder to make this possible.

If you’re willing to throw in a few dollars a month, I’ll be able to do some really great work for mental health awareness. (And if you support me, you’ll get a say in how the work develops.)

Details are available at the link, but the rough plan is to do as many events and create as many resources as I can afford from this support.

Naturally I’m going to continue writing here for free and doing my other mental health engagements—this is simply to fund additional good work.

Please CLICK HERE to find out more.

Thanks, and I hope you’re having a lovely day.

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