Low Effort Post

Occasionally I wonder if I should post something of absolutely zero value, in order to demonstrate that it’s okay to do something totally rubbish and with zero effort from time-to-time.

(I think a cynical part of me genuinely sees a possible niche for myself: providing a helpfully low bar for everybody else to clear.)

The moral of this Deliberately Bad Post would be “sometimes it’s okay to just show up” or “even a bad post is better than no post”, or something like that.

But then I think about it, and realise this idea might accidentally have the opposite effect than intended. By definition, my deliberately lazy bad post would be – and this is important to recognise – bad.

And it seems unlikely that anybody is going to look at an awful post and think “wow, that sucks… now I feel inspired!”

I can see how that would be possible in theory, but the truth is that it takes a lot of effort to make a good bad post. It’s like a good-bad film… most bad films are just terrible, while creating something so-bad-its-good requires years of work.

And so I haven’t yet attempted to write a post that’s deliberately* low effort and bad.

This one is just bad because I’m tired.


* this is an important distinction

The Moral(s) of this Post

Choose your own:

  • Sometimes it’s okay to just show up
  • Even a bad post is better than no post
  • Pointing out that a post is lazy doesn’t make it not lazy
  • Laziness is fine…
  • … sometimes
  • But it doesn’t matter much anyway
  • We should all relax a bit and take the pressure off ourselves
  • Still, though, I COULD have tried harder
  • Sorry

One thought on “Low Effort Post

  1. Ha! How dare you take up my valuable time with this Low Effort Post of yours? I feel compelled to comment and right the wrongs of this world, Low Effort Posts included! Perhaps on reflection I came here in search of a Low Effort Comment

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