Links IV: Link and You’ll Miss It

It’s time for the (very irregular) roundup of a few of the more interesting things I’ve come across on the internet lately:

This interactive game theory game is fantastic, and well worth 20 minutes of your time.

Why clouds aren’t messy, and what makes a mess a mess

Apparently laying the transatlantic cable in the 1800s led to the rising popularity of mermaid erotica

I love this YouTube channel about music theory more than I can possibly say

Fascinating, albeit possibly depressing and rather long, story about a 15-year missing person hunt for a party lost in Death Valley

This is a relaxing map of all of mathematics

Really interesting story about the FBI hunt for a Russian gang which was responsible for almost all stolen bank accounts in 2012-14

The psychology of falling for con artists

Very good long read about “premium mediocrity” and generations and how we’re all lying to ourselves about how precarious the new economy is

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