Links III: A Nod and a Cheeky Link

It’s time for the semi-irregular roundup of interesting things from the internet.

Get The Stick – An excellent short comic about determination to achieve our goals.

Is our culture too attuned to loneliness? Interesting story about how European colonials often defected to join Native Americans, but nobody ever went the other way: is something sick in “Western” culture?

What makes tacky houses tacky? Super fascinating exploration of “McMansions” with illustrations and sarcastic comments.

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds – title is a bit clickbaity but it’s an interesting reminder that we need to think outside of the options we’re offered by our technology.

Narcissists and Emotional Intelligence. Are narcissists primed for success? Well, it appears that while narcissism gives you a short-term boost in popularity, long-term you’re better off learning to be emotionally intelligent and investing in real relationships. Who’d have thought it?!

Practice doesn’t quite make perfect

On a similar note, self-discipline is overrated

How making things harder for drivers paradoxically makes roads safer. (I love this, because it shows how the intuitive ideas we have about the world are so often wrong.)

Pareto efficiency is an interesting way to think about decision making. Warning: contains maths.

A Bad Carver – thinking about how society began by having everything integrated, and how technology has gradually split things apart and is now reuniting them again

The Lost Civilization of Dial Up: a pleasantly nostalgic trip through the 1990s alternative internet

And there we have it. Some things I have recently enjoyed.

I’d love to hear if you read/enjoyed/agreed/disagreed with any of these.

(But if not, that’s fine too.)

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