Links I: A Link to the Vast

I come across lots of cool and interesting stuff on the internet, so I thought it’d be good to keep track of the very best things and share them here.

And so, welcome to the Inaugural Links Post. Enjoy!

Everything terrible about the modern internet: Why you should never subscribe to the Boston Globe

Some guy makes his very own camera that can see heat, a project which spans years. Very cool! And includes some amazing photos.

Cartoon characters in therapy. Very powerful, though a word of warning – this comic discusses physical and emotional domestic abuse.

Do you ever wonder “am I doing the right thing?” So does everyone. Here’s some excellent advice on making decisions and eliminating future second-guessing.

Can meditation be dangerous? (Personally I suspect these negative experiences would have happened for these people anyway, and meditation just happened to be the trigger, but I am far from an expert and am only guessing.)

How to Take Your Brain Off-Road. This is a really interesting article about how to read, including abandoning preconceptions we have about reading, and embracing uncertainty. It’s very dense and requires work to read (fittingly) – but if you like philosophy, deep thinking, quantum physics and reading then it may be your thing. (I have no idea how big that Venn diagram actually is, even outside of ‘readers of this site’)

Does anyone know what ‘ontology’ or ‘epistemology’ means? A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist admits that he doesn’t, despite using these words all the time.

Parable of the Polygons – An incredible (and fun!) interactive article about neighborhoods and population mixing. I recommend taking 15 minutes to play with this one.

Fascinating (and long) article on what it’s like working at a bookies – and some depressing stories about when it goes wrong.

A wonderfully entertaining video on the two hemispheres of our brain and how they interact. If true, it has massive (and scary) implications.

A Princeton Professor posts a CV listing only his failures.

Via SlateStarCodex, an extraordinary story about mangoes in 1960s China.

While we’re in China, it’s become incredibly normal over there to pick an English name as well as a Chinese name.

It seems that changing our self-talk to be in the third person may have a whole range of benefits.
“Come on Neil, you can do this.”
Inner critic: *sigh*

An ex-CEO of a major ticketing company explains why it’s impossible to get a ticket to any big event.

Fascinating article on the evolution of consciousness and how it manifests in the brain. (Apparently, I read a lot of this sort of stuff.)

Did you enjoy any of these? Share with the rest of us in the comments!

One thought on “Links I: A Link to the Vast

  1. Brilliant TED Talk …
    The link to positive self talk is very informative too.
    A chap called Paul Hedderman who had worked in AA for over 20 years days the real problem is the original addiction to having a sense of self and goes so far as to coin the phrase “Self-ing” and to label self “Self is a parasite” … We see self as our identify without seeing the Id-entity

    Thought you may find this link interesting …

    Best wishes


    PS Hope you spend most/more of your time on solid ground

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