Can Niceness Change the World?

Like seemingly everyone I know, I watched Ted Lasso last year. It’s an Apple TV series about an American football coach being appointed as a manager in real football—or soccer, as it’s also called.

But this isn’t a typical sports show. I’ve seen the premise of Ted described as simply “what if a…

Six Lessons from Writing the Book I Swore I Wouldn’t Write

“Never again.” – Neil Hughes, after writing one book… and before writing another book.

After winning four Olympic gold medals, Steve Redgrave famously said that if anyone found him close to a rowing boat again, they could shoot him.

Four years later, he won a fifth gold. 

How to Write a Great Non-Fiction Book, Probably

Instead of my usual musing about anxiety & brains & life & things, today I’m going to answer some questions I got sent about how to write a book. Specifically, my correspondent wanted to know how to write a great non-fiction book. Before you say it… god knows why they came to me. I certainly…