Aug 06

‘Working Conversations’ Talk about Anxiety

You might be interested in this talk I was invited to give recently at the University of Liverpool.

The occasion was “Working Conversations”, a conference intended to discuss what a better mental health service might look like.

I was invited to share my experiences with anxiety, some thoughts about custard, and to throw open a few questions for the ‘proper’ experts to consider during their discussions for the rest of the day.

Hopefully I did an alright job! You can see the talk via this link.

I’m very interested in your feedback, so please do let me know what you make of it below!


  1. Fabio

    It’s really hard to be open about personal issue, but if you don’t, it will probably eat you from the inside. Fortunately, I have few people I can talk freely about everything, although they are far from me. I have also “friends” that as soon as you mention something they try to talk you out of it, like it’s your fault, or they start looking at you under a different light: both options make you feel worse. I think we need a change in society and talking about it is the way forward, so thank you for your talk, because it’s not easy.

  2. Neil Hughes

    Thanks Fabio, I really appreciate it 🙂 And I totally agree about the importance of finding a safe place to open up – I’m glad you have some people in your life you can talk to, wherever they are in the world!

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