The Talk – A new plan for anxious feelings: escape the custard!

This talk contains me. Silly doodles. Stupid jokes. Honesty. Anxiety. Ideas about how to be less anxious. A malfunctioning slide clicker. And custard.

Despite some semi-comical mishaps that were (mostly) outside of my control, I’m really pleased with how it went. And, amazingly, over 100,000 people have seen it already!

I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

If you do, feel free to stick around and check out what I’ve been writing about anxiety.

Or get in touch!

Things People Have Said

I have finally arranged to do something properly about my anxiety issues. Your Ted Talk was very much the start of the process… thank you.Louise

Thank you for your contribution to raising awareness and understanding of mental ill health. You are a star!Norman Lamb, MP

There are words in it!Anonymous

Originally this anxiety talk was uploaded as “Walking on Custard: How Physics Helps Anxious Humans”, but the title got changed. I think both are fine.