What I’m Working On Right Now

This page is updated semi-regularly with a list of things I’m currently doing.

1. Speaking

Given some great and fun talks about anxiety lately, and have more upcoming in the summer.

Have also been giving ‘comedy consultations’ – helping people to add jokes and humour to speeches they’re giving. This has been really fun, would love to do more work like this.

2. Writing

Polishing the (near-final) draft of The Shop Before Life, a comic-adventure novel set in a magical shop we all visit before we’re born.

3. Coding

Various applications, statistics crunching, website work. Available for more of this if anyone needs.

4. Creativity

Toying with attempting poetry, probably not for public consumption as it’ll inevitably be terrible. But it might be useful for stretching my brain a bit.

(Update: I STILL have not yet attempted this. I probably should though.)

5. Personal

Returning to good exercise discipline, reprioritising deeper relationships in my social life.